Khao Lak Beach is only an hour’s drive north from Phuket International Airport, yet very few tourists have ever heard of the place, let alone been, so why not, who knows, but they are missing out.

Nang Thong Beach - Khao Lak Thailand
Nang Thong Beach

Khao Lak’s beaches are all on the west coast of Andaman Sea and directly facing out to the Similan islands, Khao Lak is the major pick up and drop point for most of the diving in the Similans, Surin Islands and Richelieu

There is simply mile upon mile of beaches, most of which are usually deserted, in fact the beaches here stretch all the way back down the coast to Phuket. Along these glorious beaches are several large holiday resorts, however they are tucked away and do not spoil the area at all.

For those that have been to Phuket before and would like to try something a little bit quieter, Patong can be a little noisy at times. Well then Khao Lak comes highly recommended. Khao Lak is popular with young families and for those that just want to chill out on a quiet beach and not be bothered by anything or anyone.

Khao Lak beach is a relatively small beach in comparison with some of the beaches along the coast line, yet it is still a good 7 kilometers in length, most of which is deserted with only a few resorts dotted about.

The beach is accessible all year round, but be careful in low season (May / October) as there can be rip tides. The beach is not too wide at high tide and it does not go too far out, the sand is a little gritty and there are a few places where you can rent a sunbed and parasol. Do not expect it to be like the beaches of Phuket, with jet skis tearing up the surf and vendors harassing you at every turn, this place is definitely for the more discerning traveller.

The sea is a gorgeous azure blue, with hues of green, the water seems so inviting, and there are some great little snorkeling sites, and there are quite a few large rocky out crops to explore. If like many folk, you like to take walks along the beach, then this beach is perfectly suitable for such activities.

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When swimming, please take notice of any flag that the life guard has put out, if it is red, then stay out of the water. Generally speaking, in the high season months, there should be no problems.

The golden sands of Khao Lak beach just stretches on and on, a perfect place to come and unwind and watch the sunset, oh the sunsets here are the most beautiful. After a hard days sunbathing and taking it easy, grab yourself a cold beer or if you are feeling particularly tropical, then a chilled Mai Tai or Pina Colada, find a chair and just enjoy watching the sun as it sets over the horizon; I promise you, it is the most spectacular show in town. Don’t forget your camera.

There are several beaches along this coast line Bang Niang is one and Nang Thong is another fine beach.

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