The beaches North of Phuket Island stretch for miles and miles until reaching the Khao Lak regions, then they stretch some more – Khuk Khak Beach is in the middle here.

This coastline is spectacular and the beaches are wild, free and glorious set amidst a backdrop of the untamed wilderness of Thai rain forests and jungles.

Only 5 minutes north of Bang Niang is small town named Khuk Khak, here you can find several restaurant, a few shops and a bus terminal, there is also a daily market selling local produce mainly to the locals.

Only a few minutes after stepping off the bus you can be on one of those beaches that build dreams. The glorious Khuk Khak Beach has only a couple of resorts on it -setback out of site.

Khuk Khak Beach sits between Cape Pakarang and Bang Niang Beach, Khuk
Khak Beach, is another long wild beach and it is a haven for those wishing to reach sanctity and solitude when getting away from it all.

This beach has very little room for development now or in the future, which is excellent news. You will not find much in the way of restaurants, bars, jet-skis here, the only thing you can find here is yourself or a couple of local sea birds squabbling over lunch – it’s magnificent.

The small village of Baan Khuk Khak is only 4 km north of Ban Bang Niang which itself is only a few minutes north of Khao Lak – there are no long treks getting to this beach.

The village has a small school, a small gasoline station several little shops
scattered, to get to the beach is easy and only a mile or so down the road.

The area is pretty much untouched and the traditional life styles of Thailand still exist here, the people are wonderfully friendly always with a smile and a welcoming word. There is industry here in the way of Palm Oil, rubber and banana plantations.

You can find elephants quite near the entrance to the beach, just off the road side in fact, these magnificent beast can take you on a guided tour of the local jungle and introduce to even more spectacular wild life.

Back to the beach, please be aware that there can be undercurrents here,
particularly in the low season, and it is wise to check whether swimming is safe at this time of year.

During high season (October through April) the seas are usually very calm and inviting, nevertheless always take precautions when swimming in the sea.

Khuk Khak Beach is excellent beach for exploring too there is so much to see and do for the entire family to enjoy. If you are planning to stay for the day we suggest taking a few essential supplies with you as there are very few places to buy goods from when you are on the beach.

As with many of the beaches along the coast line here it’s quite untamed and well worth the visit, don’t forget your sunscreen and water ring.