Nang Thong Beach is the principle beach in Khao Lak, stretching for miles upon miles of coastline; there are few beaches anywhere in the country that come close to the beauty here.

Nang Thong Beach - Khao Lak Thailand

The backdrop of the beach is spectacular, lush green hills covered in tropical forests. On the beach there are many small rock formations making for excellent exploring fun filled times for the entire family.

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In the high season the shallow waters close to the beach make for wonderful swimming both at high and low tides, please do pay attention to the flags on the beach as they indicate whether there are any unusual currents in the area.

The beach also offers great snorkeling around the submerge rocks; this is a great place for beginners and the more experienced snorkelers to enjoy the underwater world right here in Khao Lak.

Nang Thong Beach stretches off into the distance and then some; you can find some devastating scenery along the beach. There are several resorts that have built bungalows for residents to simply chill and do very little other than recharge their batteries.

Moving down to towards the southern end of the beach is the best place to capture the Andaman Sun setting. Here you will also find more resorts, however that said it is never overly busy and even in the high season it’s hard to find any crowds.

Nang Thong Beach - Khao Lak

To get a feeling of what Nang Thong Beach is all about; it is best described as having a fine balance between beachfront hotel resort, mixed with a blend of Mother Nature’s influence and Thai architecture, culture and atmosphere… it truly is a wonderful place.

It is an ideal hideaway for couples looking for a romantic getaway or those looking to get back to nature, and it is also for families to as the beach is a great place to play.

Nang Thong is close to another fine beach, the nearby Ban Niang make up the two stunning beaches in the Khao Lak area. Between these two beaches are all the restaurants shops, massage facilities and bars you will need on your vacation to Thailand

The waters of the Andaman Sea gently lap the splendidly soft sand; the sand is so fine it glitters in the morning sunshine. Swimming in the sea here is a must, do not expect a refreshing cool bathe, the waters around here are warm, clear and shallow.

There are several beach front bars and restaurants jotted up and down the beach, thus allowing you to maximize the beach, you hardly need to move. If you decide to come to Khao Lak and Ban Nang Thong Beach you will soon be enjoying life on the sweeter side.

Khao Lak is less than an hour’s drive from Phuket International Airport, heading in a north direction. It was only up until a few years ago that this place hardly registered on any map.

Although Khao Lak is well known throughout the scuba diving world as the gateway to the Similan Islands, it is also very easy to take a day trip there. There are many islands off the coast of Khao Lak including Koh Tachai and the rest of the Surin Island group.