Koh Tachai Beach - A place in paradise
Koh Tachai Beach

Koh Tachai epitomizes the idyllic paradise island; its rocky interior is covered with fresh tropical rain forest, its white fine sandy beach, is kissed by the clearest crystal waters in the Andaman Sea. Koh Tachai lies approximately 120 Km’s north of Phuket and is part of the Similan Islands National Park which also has Koh Bon included within its grasp.

Koh Tachai, is reachable by speedboat from the mainland, the nearest resort is Khao Lak, where most of the day trippers come from, however it is easy enough to join on a Koh Tachai tour from Phuket too.

Koh Tachai is Closed for Visitors! The shoreline, beaches and coral reefs around Koh Tachai island in the Similan National Park off Phang Nga province will be off-limits to all visitors for an indefinite period. Read more…

Koh Tachai is relatively new to snorkeling trips and has only recently started to host day trips. Surprisingly it is only 54km from Baan Nam Khem Pier, and takes only one hour by speedboat to get reach.

Koh Tachai is much better known for its spectacular dive site known as Tachai pinnacle or Tachai Dome, but is now making a name for itself as a day snorkeling trip too. Tachai is inhabited by the local park Rangers who keep the island spick and span and also collect national park fees from the boats that come here.

The national park fees are a small chargeable fee which is payable by the tourist enabling them to enter into a national park of Thailand, there are national parks up and down the country and prices do vary as to what is charged. With regards to Koh Tachai, the price is usually included in your day trip ticket; although some dive boats will collect the money of their customers once there on the island

The main beach on Tachai is almost a kilometre in length, and sits proudly behind a protecting coral reef, which is home to some of the most colourful you are very likely to see, and this is why the snorkeling is so popular here, not only above the sea but the underwater scenery is really quite beautiful too.

At the north end of the beach you will find a rocky path signposting the direction of the view point, and if you are feeling a little energetic then this is definitely well worth a trek up. Only a 10-minute ramble through the lush jungle will bring you to the western rocky side of the island, it’s a stunning view.

Around the island itself the waters run quite shallow that is until you are a couple of hundred metres out then it drops off to over 70 metres, and it is this dramatic drop off that keeps these waters around this wonderful island fertile and fresh, as the richer waters well up replenishing the shallow depths with much need plankton, which in turn allows the smaller fish to feed and this causes interest from the pelagic fish.

Tachai Island
Tachai Island

The deeper underwater topography is made up of huge granite boulders the size of a typical house, the currents on the dive site can sometime be testing, but there are places to hide here, and just watch the show. The large Barracudas and Trevallies prefer these kinds of fast flowing waters enabling them to hunt aggressively for their smaller prey. This exciting dive site also entices even larger fish to into its lair, with the Whalesharks and Manta Rays regularly turning up here to feed on the plankton rich waters

The shallow waters of Tachai also offer some incredible snorkeling experiences and it is very possible that Black Tip Reef Sharks and Turtles will be spotted, also Morays eels love it around here and there are large schools of colourful Fusiliers Wrasses and parrotfish, Red Tooth and Picasso Triggerfish as well as many other Indian ocean reef fish in habit these waters.

If you are lucky enough to go out to Tachai you will discover a world almost untouched by humans, a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where life really does stand still and where you will see creatures that are only endemic to Tachai. Tachai is unspoilt, untouched  and very much the perfect Island you may have only witnessed in your dreams.

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