Another great day out if you are staying in Khao Lak is take a trip over to Koh Kho Khao island.

This is a fantastic and highly enjoyable day trip, this little island just off the coast of the mainland is served by a little shuttle ferry that runs throughout the day, shifting cars, supplies and people to and from this beautiful little island.

Koh Kho Khao Island is only separated from Naam Kem village (on the mainland) by just a few hundred metres of sea at the mouth of Takua Pa River.

Naam Kem village can be reached by turning east from route 4 just south of Takua Pa Town. Then follow the winding country road to the pier.

Kho Khao Island is a somewhat undiscovered utopia and very worth a visit.
The ferry journey is short, about ten minutes; however you may be waiting a little time as they do like to fill up the ferry before setting sale –understandable.

Once on the island you will notice a few little bungalows and there are a couple of resorts for those staying overnight.

It is easy to find yourself a lovely little spot here where you can kick back and wonder what they are all doing back at home; all the while you are soaking up the Andaman Sea sun.

If you wish to explore the island you can find a place to rent a cheap motorbike.

The west side of the island is rather flat and has been turned into farm land for Coconuts trees Bananas plantations and Palm oil is on the increase here too -of course there are many rubber trees here too.

This farming landscape does not in any way spoil the area; in fact it adds to the lushness that the tropical forest here is.

The other side of the island; gets really back to nature with stunning rain forests overhead and the mangrove swamps, which are home to some mysterious creatures, stretch out into the open seas. It is a great area for checking out the local wildlife too.

Driving all the way to the far northwest corner of the island, there is a large open area of beach, here you can find a little rural village called Nok Na Village, There is the odd restaurant, and there are even a few bungalows here too. A beautiful place to spend the evening dining and chilling out under the stars you won’t be disappointed.

Moving on from here there is a small waterfall called Toan Thong Waterfalls, there may not be much water in the dry season, the area itself is still very beautiful and worthy of a visit.

A very surprising find, on the island and singularly worth the visit, is an old
Japanese airfield from their World War II occupation period here. Unfortunately now it has become overrun and derelict, that said, there are rumors it may once again become a small airstrip –we shall see.

Many people coming to the area are pleasantly surprised by the history this area has to offer.