Bang Niang Beach is the mother of all sleepy beaches, if you are looking for peace and quiet then you have come to the right place, and getting here is very easy, as there is just one main road running all the way up the coast through Khao Lak, Bang Niang and all the way up to the north of the country.

Khao Lak BeachKhao Lak Beach

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Bang Niang Beach is situated just to the north of the main town of Khao Lak and is gaining in popularity, with many bars and restaurants opening up there in recent years. Yet, it still low key compared with Khao Lak, which is saying something, folk that come here return year after year just to enjoy the peace and tranquility.

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There is a small night market and there is even a little bus station, which is just off the main highway route of Phet Kasem road. There are a few smaller guesthouses and little hotels scattered about too.

Down towards the beach there are some small shops and bars, and the beach is beautiful and it’s long and quiet. The sea is a stunning colour of blue and the sand just melts through your toes. There are a few bars and restaurants that actually back up onto the beach and are very popular towards the evening time as the sun sets.

Formerly only visited by hard core backpackers, recently Bang Niang Beach has become very popular with money spent on infrastructure and accommodation, the prices around town are not too expensive like those in Khao Lak.

There is a small snake farm which you can visit and a beautiful little waterfall, hiring a motor bike to get around is a great idea; just be careful and wear your helmet. There is another attraction here too, on the way towards Khao Lak you will see on the left hand side the Tsunami memorial site.

Almost ten years ago now, yet there is still much evidence of just what those huge waves did to this area. From the

Tsunami Memorial
Tsunami Memorial

main road to the beach is almost a kilometre in distance, but that did not stop the wave carrying a Thai Navy Destroyer the 1000 metre distance and beyond the main road. The ship is still there to this day, in fact the locals have now fenced it off and it has become the main attraction for the memorial park, expect to pay a small fee to enter.

If you take the walk from the beach to the place where the boat now stands you will get an idea of just how powerful the tsunami was, it is important to understand and see from a real time perspective just what the sea can do.

The boat was in the area on patrol, protecting the King of Thailand’s Grandson, who at the time the wave hit was jet-skiing, he was taken by the wave and the attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful and unfortunately like so many people he died in the wave. In fact, Bang Niang Beach was hit worst of all of the resorts in the area.

The tsunami will live long in the memory here and the locals don’t mind too much if you come and see how they have managed to rebuild their town and turn it into a thriving tourist destination to be proud of. Well worth the visit and the beautiful beaches here are well worth the trip, and being close to Phuket you can even do a day trip. Come and see us in Khao Lak and Bang Niang.

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