Phuket Tours to Phuket Island from Khao Lak are great and easy. Khao Lak is not only just a fantastic beach holiday destination it is ideally situated for day and overnight trips to Phuket. Phuket is only one hour away and is host to numerous trips and adventures which are ideal for the whole family.

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Phuket Sight-Seeing

The seashores of Khao Lak are long and very quiet and the seas in high season are very calm and inviting, but most beach loving folk do occasionally like to see something other than the paradise seashores of Thailand. Many tourists wish to see also a little bit of the culture and incorporate some sightseeing tours into their holiday vacation too.

Being only a short journey away Phuket has it all. With so much to see and do, like the Big Buddha and Wat Chalong, for those interested in the religious side of Thai life. Big Buddha is still being constructed and will take several more years before it is fully completed. Big Buddha is the largest siting statue Buddha in the country.

It is possible to dive and snorkel from Phuket. Phuket has many fantastic dive sites on offer and most are suitable from the novice to the experienced divers to enjoy, from sloping reefs to Wreck dives and diving with large Pelagics like Manta Rays and Whalesharks, diving is possible here all year round.

Phuket TOurs with Elephant Treking Phuket
Elephant Treking Phuket

There is fantastic trekking to be had here too, like Elephant trekking through the hills on the back of one of the largest animals in the world. Also 4x4off road vehicle safari tour is also available, and is a wonderful trip with local guides to introduce you to the amazing tropical rain forests and mangrove swamps of the area.

What about the exciting ATV tour (All-Terrain Vehicle) where you and your family can safely enjoy riding on these exciting little four wheeled motorbikes, trekking through the lush jungle, all in the knowledge that you are in the safe hands of the local experienced guides. You and your party will be first given a full training session before embarking on the safari.

Sunset with Phuket Tours
Sunset phuket

Why not take a Sunset Cruise and while enjoying the glorious sunset of the Andaman Sea, you will be offered delicious Thai cuisine from our extensive menu and enjoy refreshing ice cold beverages from our fully stocked bar aboard MV Sai Mai. Departing from the port of Chalong, we take you cruising by the local islands in Phang Nga Bay; there is no better way to end the day.

Come and see the local rum distillery we have in Phuket, enjoy some free samples (not too many mind, we don’t want to have to carry you back to Khao Lak). The company was first established a couple of years ago with the idea of introducing a first grade quality rum to Phuket. It is well worth a visit to see how the rum is produced and the guide will only be too happy to explain just how the whole, process is put together to produce such a find drink.

I am only really scratching the surface of things to do here in Phuket; it just cannot be done in one day. We have a zoo here with all the exotic animals from the area plus international critters too. There is a beautiful butterfly farm and several great orchid growers who are only too willing to show you around their pride and joy orchards.

Fish of Phuket
Fish of Phuket

There is a large aquarium for those interested in the marine life around the shores of the Andaman Sea, with Leopard Sharks and Black Tip Reef Sharks on show as well as Sea Turtles and fresh water Turtles. They also have a breeding program for Anemone Clown Fish (Nemo) and other sharks and turtles too. Add it to your Phuket Tours now!

So if you wish to spend a day or two in Phuket simply soaking up the sun or seeing the amazing sights of this diamond in the crown Thailand that is Phuket, we can help arrange everything for you. Khao Lak is a wonderful place for a relaxing holiday that is for sure, and if you would like to spend a day for two away from the beaches then come to Phuket, we have it all here and it’s only an hour away. Holidaying in Khao Lak it truly is the best of both worlds.

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