Takuapa Old Town, Phang Nga Province - Thailand (Image Credit to Jamie @ Jamies Phuket)
Takuapa Old Town

Takuapa Old Town – Over a century ago Phuket was a bustling tin mining town attracting Chinese, English and Portuguese traders who would play their wares throughout the world. Another town close by to Phuket also found its self in the middle of the big silver rush of the 18th century.

Takua Pa is an old town in the Phang Nga province two hours north of the Phuket, and the old town of Takupa serves as a poignant reminder to the glory days of the days gone by.

The main bus route from Bangkok passes right through the centre of town, Takuapa is known to travellers, yet most do not take the opportunity to see its delights referring to get to the beaches instead.

There is a major resort town close by called Khao Lak and Khao Lak is the main gateway to the Similan Islands which has some if the best scuba diving spots in the world.

Khao Lak is about 30 minutes away from the Takupa Old Town.

Market Vendor at Takuapa Old Town, Phang Nga Province - Thailand (Image Credit to Jamie @ Jamies Phuket)

Takupa Old Town is often not only overshadowed by its seaside resort town it is usually over looked by tourist too. Many come to the area for the sun, sea and to get-away from it all and to check out the local islands.

This is a crying shame and those that come so far from home only need to travel a few more Km’s to see some real Thai history and culture, we promise you will not be disappointed, take the time to come and see and understand the glorious history that makes Takuapa town a wonderful place to visit.

There is an old art of town that is a must on the list to see and old Sri Takua Pa district which is under ten km’s away from the new town, is home to some very old Chinese depicting the long ago yet not forgotten glory days of the Tin Mining era that brought much wealth to the area. You cannot not but notice the old buildings also have a very rich Portuguese influence too- similar to the old style buildings we have in Phuket.

Check out both sides of the Si Takuapa road as it splits the old town in two here you can see in great detail the wonderful designed buildings of the past, there are some wonderful old Chinese shrines here too.

Old Door Takuapa Old Town, Phang Nga Province - Thailand (Image Credit to Jamie @ Jamies Phuket)

You may also notice that there is not so many motorbikes here in the old town as some people, especially the older generation, prefer to get around on a push bike.

There is a fantastic riverfront where one can really capture the old quarter of the town and get a perfect view of the old style architecture in all its glory. On a Sunday afternoon and into the evening you can enjoy the local market where you can purchase anything from local Thai dishes to wonderful souvenirs for the folks at home.

You will be made to feel at home by the locals here they are very warming to tourists and always have a friendly smile for you.

All in all TakuaPa Old Town offers a wonderful day out and is so close by to your hotel its almost criminal not to see a little touch of real life history.