Khao Lak Beach
Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak is a resort on the mainland of Thailand and just over 40 minutes north of Koh Phuket Island. Khao Lak is in the district of Takua-pa which is part of the Thailand province of Phang Nga.

Khao Lak Beach has only recently become a popular holiday resort destination. During the early 19th century, Chinese entrepreneurs moved to the area, lured with tales of rich natural resources including Tin Mining and Rubber plantations.

Khao Lak never played much of a role in the actual mining boom of the 19th century, but, since it was located between Takua Pa and Phuket Islands tin production centres, it did become part of the trading route.

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As the tin mining boom wore thin business men turned their attention to farming and rubber in general. Back in the early 1900’s the first rubber trees were planted in Khao Lak. Signifying a second economic boom in just a few years, Phuket Island was still the major player in the industry, but Khao Lak helped the areas finances considerably.

In fact, so prosperous was Phuket Island, that it was the first town in the country to get paved walkways and street lighting. The strong ethnic community in the area kept the community fresh.

Even to this day there are still many farmers in the area dedicated to the growing of rubber trees. One only need to take a ride around to see just how much the farming of rubber means to the community.

However these day’s rubber trees are not the only income available to the locals of Khao Lak, with tourism starting to take over. The Beaches in Khao Lak are quite magnificent some of them literally stretched for miles and miles along the coast.

Khao Lak beautiful beachfront village community is famous for its warm, sandy beaches and backdrop mountains views, which are covered with green lush jungle. There are several beaches in the area: Khao Lak beach, Nangthong beach, Bang Niang beach, Khuk Khak beach, Pakarang beach, Pak Weeb beach and Bangsak Beach.

Khao Lak is the resort closet to the Similan Island archipelago, which is famous throughout the world for its diving and snorkeling sites. Only 2 hours away from the port of Tab Lamu, Similans are there for all to enjoy.

Khao Lak is the perfect destination for beach lovers and nature and with its laid back atmosphere, you cannot help but to relax here and forgetting your stresses from home.

It is possible to literally walk for hours along these rugged and beautiful shorelines, which hug the coast all the way towards the Burmese borders in the North. The coast lines changes a little, the further from KhaoLak you go. From rocky islands in front of the Nangthong beach to the coral beaches at Cape Pakarang and to the stunning white beaches at Pak Weeb.

The mountains in the distance are enveloped in lush green jungle. There is a national Park here named Khao Sok and if returning back to nature is your thing, then look no more. Khao Sok is about an hour drive from Khao Lak. It was recently voted one of the top ten National parks in the world by Lonely Planet. Khao Sok is a place of incredible beauty.

Khao Lak is also a major spring board to get out to the Surin islands and Tacha Island. Surin islands are still home to the local sea gypsies, a friendly group of people who have been living off the sea here for centuries.

You can either go for a day on the elephant trekking trip and white water rafting or for nature lovers and those that have a few more days to spare; there are overnight Kayak Expeditions to Cheow Lan Lake. Taking you deep deep inside the jungle for that all natural sensation, where you will see many different wild animals including elephants, buffalo and wild boars and armadillo type critters to name a few.

There is just so much to see and do in Khao Lak, and since the tsunami 4 years ago the place has grown from strength to strength. Khao Lak Beaches sure knows how to move with the times.

If you want a peaceful relaxing holiday in the sun, lounging on the beaches, island hopping, eating at fine restaurants and sunset cocktails on the beach, then this is the place, come to Khao Lak and see what all the very quiet fuss is about, don’t tell anyone though.

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